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FAQ - Digital Camera Battery Help and Tips

Keep Extra Batteries Handy!
Got a digital camera? Always keep extra batteries handy!

Don't Use Alkaline AA - Use Rechargeables
Why you should use rechargeable batteries with your digital camera.

Battery Conservation Tips
Make your digital camera batteries last longer. Here's how.

Bring a Battery Charger on Trips
Even if you have lots of rechargeable AA batteries, you should still bring a charger with you on trips.

Keep Playback to a Minimum
Using the playback mode of your digital camera may wear out your batteries.

Those Batteries Won't Stay Charged Forever
Digital camera batteries may lose their charge over time. Don't let under-charged batteries keep you from taking great photos!

What is mAh?
What does mAh mean when it comes to digital camera batteries?

Buy Extra Proprietary Batteries
Ensure you have a backup digital camera battery for long photo shoots.

Don't Mix and Match Brands and Types
To prevent possible damage, only insert similar digital camera batteries.

Use an Add-On NiMH Power Pack
Get more use out of your old AA NiMH batteries.

Recycle Your NiMH Batteries
Don't throw away your old rechargeable AA batteries - they are recyclable.

Take Batteries Out of the Digital Camera
Remove batteries from your digital camera when not in use.

Never Charge Incompatible AA Batteries
To prevent fire, only insert similar batteries into your battery charger.

Batteries in Cold Weather
Bring along extra batteries if you plan on taking photos in the cold winter months.

Travel Overseas? May Need a Different Charger or Converters
To charge digital camera batteries outside of your native country may require a small added investment.

Never Get Batteries Wet
Water can corrode batteries, damaging them and possibly your digital camera.

Combo Media/Battery Wallet
Make it easier to find your digital camera memory and batteries.

Consider Buying a Media Wallet
Protect your digital camera memory from the elements.

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