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FAQ - Firewire IEEE 1394 Products

General frequently asked questions about Fireware products.

1. How many Firewire/1394-equipped devices can be connected together?

Up to 63 Firewire-equipped devices can be chained together on one connection.

2. Is Firewire different from i.LINK? 

Both Firewire and i-Link are high-speed connectivity following the IEEE-1394 standard but Firewire has 6-pin while i-Link has 4-pin.

3. What is Firewire? 

The IEEE-1394 High Performance Serial Bus or commonly known as 1394 or FireWire, is a high-speed serial input/output (I/O) technology for connecting peripherals to a computer. With a serial input/output technology invented by Apple Computer, FireWire can transfer data up to 400 megabits per second. FireWire connections are offered today in many notebooks, digital camcorders, and digital cameras, and some external hard drives, CD writers, and other devices.

4. What is the transfer rate of Firewire/IEEE 1394? 

Data can be transferred at up to 400Mbps, with 1.2 Gbps speeds in development.

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