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FAQ - Inkjet Cartridges

General frequently asked questions about Inkjet Cartridges products.

1. No ink can be supplied in printing by a new cartridge.

If no ink supplied, please cleanout the printer by the cleaning tools in the printer driver;

If unsolved, please take out the cartridge and check if the air circulation part is normal, if not, please tear the label completely.

2. Obvious color deflection appears in pictures printing. 

Color deflection appears in printing mainly because some certain colors have white lines. Generally, it can be solved by cleanning-out the printer by the cleanning tools in the printer driver

3. Printer doesn't work after correct installation of the cartridge.

It is mainly because the driver or USB data route is not installed correctly. Please re-install the printer driver or USB date route.

4. The cartridge cannot be recognized after installation.

If the cartridges can not be recognized, please re-install the cartridge and see if it can be recoginized; If not, please replace by a new cartridge or new chip;

If still not, it means the touch connecting the cartridge and the printer distorted and should be repaired.

5. White line appears while printing with wider coverage.

Cleanout the printer by the cleanning tools in the printer driver.

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