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FAQ - Laptop Battery

General frequently asked questions about laptops.

1. Are notebooks only for people who travel a lot? 

No. It was the intent when the first notebooks ("laptops") came out, for them to be mobile computers. Today people find many other reasons for owning a notebook. A large reason is still of course mobility. Business men/women, travellers and students find that being able to easily transport their computers has great benefits.

Coupled with a wireless internet connection, many people love the freedom of surfing the net wirelessly and being able to do so in a variety of areas away from their work desks.

Students will find that a powerful notebook can replace their desktop for almost all of their needs, while taking up a fraction of the spac

2. Can I upgrade my notebook? 

Yes. Almost all notebooks that are sold can be upgraded in one way or another. The most common upgrade would be to add more RAM or a larger/faster hardrive. Optical drives can also be upgraded in many notebooks. Some of the more expensive, enthusiast notebooks also have upgradeable video cards.

Many notebooks ship with 4200 rpm hard drives, these can be a bottleneck, slowing down any processes that rely on disc access.

As with any upgrade, always check with the manufacturer before attempting to upgrade any componen

3. Is there any danger in leaving a laptop on 24 hours a day? 

As long as it's in a well ventilated area, there's no danger. At least, no more danger than there would be if you left your desktop computer on all day. The danger to laptops is overheating. Because all the hardware is in such cramped quarters, it tends to get very hot.

The bottom gets hot, so be careful where you put it. You may even want to put it on something raised so the air can get to the bottom. If you leave a laptop on blankets or a bed, it will often overheat because the insulation of the material is keeping the heat in.

A tip that may help you when you're transporting your laptop is to take out the battery to ensure that you don't accidentally leave the laptop on.

4. My system won't boot. What should I do? 

Check the possible causes. If you are running on AC power (as when it is plugged into the wall socket) check to make sure the AC connection is good. Plug in another appliance that you know works. Flip the wall switch on and off. If you are running the system with battery power, try using AC. Connect the AC adapter and plug in the notebook computer.

5. What does it mean to condition one's battery? 

Over time, you may notice that your battery doesn't hold a charge as long as it used to. This may be caused by frequent charges/drains or infrequent battery use. It is recommended that you "condition" your battery a few times a year to get the most out of it. To do this, simply charge your battery to the fullest and then disconnect the AC adapter plug.

Make sure any power saving alarms or options are disabled and simply let your notebook run until it completely drains the battery and turns itself off. Plug your notebook back in and completely recharge the battery before using it. This conditioning or "cycling" of the battery will help it retain a fuller charge for a longer period of time.

6. What if the computer does not operate with a fully charged battery pack? 

The over-current protective function in the battery pack might be activated. Power off the computer for 1 minute to reset this function; then power it on again

7. What is Centrino Technology? 
Centrino Technology is a combination of 3 Intel components found in the same notebook. These components are
  Intel Pentium M based Processor
   Intel 855 Chipset Family
  Intel Pro/Wireless Connection
In order for a notebook to be labelled as having "Centrino Technology", all three components must be available in the notebook. It is a common misconception that "Centrino" is a processor, but it is the combination of the three components listed above.

8. Why don't some laptops charge the battery while the unit is on?

This feature was taken out as it can cause memory effect on batteries. The laptop has to be turned off in order for the battery to be charged.

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