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FAQ - Digital-cameras

General frequently asked questions about digital camera.

1. Are manual controls important? 

Automatic settings can work for amateur photographers in a majority of cases. However, once a few pictures come out underexposed or blurred with auto settings, the manual controls become necessary.

2. Does CCD size matter? 

In general, the larger CCD means a bigger light-collecting area and therefore better performance in low-light conditions with less noise. However, this rule is very inexact and it doesn't hold in many cases. The trend is to lower the CD size because it also lowers the costs.

3. Does it matter what kind of battery I use? 

Yes. It is better to have a rechargeable battery with your camera, instead of the regular AA batteries. In fact, many manufacturers are starting to include rechargeable batteries with their cameras because they know that it makes little sense to use regular batteries with their cameras.

4. How do digital cameras work? 

In contrast to a conventional film camera, in a digital camera the light is focused onto an image sensor called a CCD (charge coupled device). The CCD is a collection of light-sensitive photosites that produce an electric charge when struck by light. These charges are converted into numbers that are stored in the memory (usually on a memory chip). From there, the whole image can be displayed, sent to a computer, or even printed directly on a printer.

5. Help Center How many types of batteries are there for the Digital Camera?

Two kinds of batteries are widely available: Ni-Cd (Nickel Cadmium) and Ni-MH (Nickel-Metal Hydride). There is a third type of rechargeable battery, Lithium Ion, that is becoming increasingly popular.The advantage of a Lithium Ion battery is that it offers better performance than the other two types. The disadvantage is that they do not come in the standard AA battery size, so you can't use them with most cameras

6. I'm having trouble downloading photos to my computer with the software that came with my camera. What can I do? 

Buy a card reader will be a good idea. When you insert the memory card, it will mount to your desktop just like another disc, and you can copy the photos directly to your hard disk. You can then use your favorite photo editing software to retouch your photos.

7. What about MPEG movie modes in digital cameras? 

Many digital cameras offer the ability to shoot short movies that are saved in the MPEG formats. Unfortunately, the quality of these movies doesn't come close to the movies shot with a camcorder. They are often severely limited in terms of length. Some cameras also don't record sound.

8. What are SLR digital cameras? 

In an SLR (Single Lens Reflex) camera, the user is seeing exactly what the camera is seeing through a series of prisms and mirrors. This becomes important for more advanced photographers. In SLR cameras, it is also possible to interchange lenses and keep the lenses from other cameras. Many digital SLR cameras also offer higher resolution since they are aimed at the pros. The disadvantages of SLR digital cameras are the significantly higher costs, bigger size and weight, and a small delay before the photo is taken because the mirror has to move out of the way before a shot.

9. What digital camera accessories do I need? 

One major upgrade needed by almost all digital cameras is a higher capacity memory card. You should buy as large a memory card as your camera can accept, as the memory cards that are included with the cameras are usually not nearly big enough to hold a good number of high quality pictures. Other accessories worth considering are a battery charger, rechargeable batteries, tripod, and a camera case.

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