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FAQ - Memory Card (MS)

General frequently asked questions about memory stick.

1. Do Memory Stick PRO media work in all Memory Stick compatible products?

Memory Stick PRO media can be used with Memory Stick PRO compatible devices only. PCs can accept this media through the use of a Memory Stick PRO compatible PC card adaptor or USB reader/writer. Compatibility with this media can also be implemented in products in some categories through firmware or software upgrades.

2. How can I format (initialize) Memory Stick media? 

All Memory Stick media are pre-formatted for optimal performance before leaving the factory. You can use your newly purchased Memory Stick media immediately. If you wish to re-format a Memory Stick at a later date, follow the formatting directions for the device with which you are using Memory Stick media.


Do not try to format Memory Stick media using the standard Windows format tool (found in the "My Computer" menu).

When re-formatting Memory Stick media, all previously stored data will be erased. To prevent the loss of valuable data, be sure to make back-up copies before re-formatting.

3. How much content can a 1GB Memory Stick PRO media hold?

A single 1GB (940MB available) Memory Stick PRO media can contain any of the following examples.

360 JPEG images with 5-megapixel quality (fine mode compression) = digital images equivalent to 10 rolls of film.

Approximately 24 minutes of DVD quality video

Approximately 460 minutes of MPEG4 (280Kbps) moving images.

4. Is it possible to use Memory Stick Duo media in a slot for the standard-size Memory Stick without any problem? 

Yes. By attaching the supplied or optional adaptor to the media, the size of Memory Stick Duo becomes the same as that of the standard-size Memory Stick media.

5. Is the Memory Stick PRO format a proprietary Sony technology?

The Memory Stick PRO media format was developed jointly by SanDisk and Sony Corporation.

6. My PC only supports standard-size Memory Stick media. Is it possible to access data stored on Memory Stick Duo media? 

By using a Memory Stick Duo adaptor, Memory Stick Duo media can be used in PCs with standard-size Memory Stick media slots.

7. What are the dimensions and weight of Memory Stick Duo media?

Measuring 31.0(W) x 20.0(H) x 1.6(D) mm (1.22 x 0.79 x 0.06 in), Memory Stick Duo media is only approx. one-third the volume and half the weight of standard-size media.

8. What are the dimensions of Memory Stick media? 

Standard-size Memory Stick media measures 50.0 (W) x 21.5 (H) x 2.8 (D) mm (1.97 x 0.85 x 0.11 in). Memory Stick Duo media, designed specifically for use in ultra-compact and wearable devices, is only approx. one-third the volume and half the weight of standard-size media. It measures 31.0(W) x 20.0(H) x 1.6(D) mm (1.22 x 0.79 x 0.06 in).

9. What is ATRAC3? 

ATRAC3 compresses audio data to half that achieved by the ATRAC technology originally developed by Sony for MD, while maintaining the same superior sound quality. To put in another way, it can compress data to about 1/10th that of CD data. The ATRAC3 technology is used not only in MDLP long-time recording and playback modes but also for Memory Stick, making it possible to record music data equal to one CD album on one 64MB MagicGate Compatible Memory Stick media.

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