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FAQ - Memory Card (MS)

10. What is ATRAC3plus? 

ATRAC3plus is an enhanced format of the ATRAC3 technology. It increases the compression ratio to about 1/20th that of CD data without causing deterioration in audio quality, making it possible to record up to about 5 hours and 50 minutes of high-quality music data on a 128MB media at a bit rate of 48kbps.

11. What is MagicGate? 

"MagicGate" is a copyright protection technology based on file encryption. Encrypted content cannot be accessed until mutual authentication between the media and compatible device is successfully completed.

12. What is Memory Stick (MagicGate/High-speed data transfer compatible) media? 

For use with a broad range of compatible products, this media is also compatible with "MagicGate" copyright protection technology and is capable of high-speed data transfer. Currently only Memory Stick* and Memory Stick Duo* support ATRAC3plus (including ATRAC3) secure music files.

*MagicGate/High-speed data transfer compatible.

13. What is Memory Stick Duo? 

Memory Stick Duo is a smaller-sized Memory Stick media designed for ultra-compact and wearable devices. By using the media with a dedicated adaptor, Memory Stick Duo can be used in standard-size media slots of other Memory Stick compatible products.

14:What is Memory Stick media's access speed? 

The maximum theoretical access speed of Memory Stick PRO and Memory Stick (MagicGate/High-speed data transfer compatible) media is 160Mbps. The actual speed may vary and is dependent upon the design of the host device.

15. What is Memory Stick PRO? 

Memory Stick PRO is an advanced media format that incorporates various capabilities and expandability, such as high capacity, high-speed technology and data protection technology. All the advanced technologies, working in concert with optimized Memory Stick PRO format-compatible devices, enable various applications including real-time recording and playback of high-resolution moving images. The combination of the media of this format and compatible devices brings a new level of high-quality digital playback and capture, enabling users to view, listen to and enjoy incredibly rich entertainment. The Memory Stick PRO format offers Memory Stick PRO media and Memory Stick PRO Duo media.

16. What is Memory Stick-ROM? 

This refers to read-only package media containing dictionaries, games, maps or other data. Data for Sony's electronic dictionary systems is already available* in this format.

* Product availability varies depending on region.

17. What is Memory Stick? 

Memory Stick is an IC recording media that uses flash memory. Since it records various types of digital content and allows sharing of content among a variety of digital products, it can be used for a broad range of applications whether for business or personal use.

18. What is the access speed of Memory Stick PRO media? 
Memory Stick PRO (High Speed) media is designed to support access speeds up to 80Mbps. Also, a minimum write speed of 15Mbps* is specified (by the format) to allow real-time recording of high-quality moving images. Actual read and write speeds may vary and are dependent upon the combination of the compatible device and media used.

19. Which products can be used with Memory Stick (MagicGate/High-speed data transfer compatible) media? 

Almost all Memory Stick-compatible products, including Memory Stick PRO compatible devices can be used with both standard- and Duo-size* Memory Stick (MagicGate/High-speed data transfer compatible) media.

* Requires an adaptor for use in standard-size slots. Some products have media slots that can accommodate either standard- or Duo-size media without using an adaptor.

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